Lily Yulianti Farid

Small Notes of Ly

‘Ly’s scrapped notes’

Autumn Poetry Reading Class –Unfinished Project

Fawwaz calls this month, “bulan bahasa” as his school is conducting language and literary competitions today, while in our house, there are at least 3 homeworks of poetry reading and literary works on his list. He did a good kick-off  last week: jalanjalan naik taksi mandimandi di sungai makanmakan di kentucky –you master bahasa ibu,… Read More

For Fawwaz, A Letter From Hiroshima


Dear Fawwaz, How is the camping? Have you successfully climbed Mount Fuji, today? Have you managed to cook your own meals? Have you managed to fold your sleeping bag neatly? Have you put the mosquito repellent onto your skin before deciding to stay outdoor all night long? Look up! The night sky above you is… Read More

Remembering One Fine Friday

the picture taken from free royalty photos

It was Friday. The morning was dry, pale blue was the sky . Mother was admitted to a hospital. An expecting mother, with a perfect dome-shaped belly, with a busy husband in the office, with what so called “orang-orang rumah” –the extended families and two house maids– who were ready to lend their hands for… Read More