People (who I think) I Knew… Part I: Fawwaz

I just got an idea to have interviews (or small talks) with people around me. It could be families, friends, fellow writers and journalists, people at work, and of course it could be you!

Unfortunately the idea appeared when there were only three living creatures in this house: Fawwaz, my 10 years old son; sun flowers for my birthday bucket yesterday and me. So, it is clear enough, Fawwaz will be the first “victim”… Continue reading

Remembering One Fine Friday

the picture taken from free royalty photos www.sxc.huIt was Friday. The morning was dry, pale blue was the sky . Mother was admitted to a hospital. An expecting mother, with a perfect dome-shaped belly, with a busy husband in the office, with what so called “orang-orang rumah” –the extended families and two house maids– who were ready to lend their hands for her.

The second child were about to be born. Girl or boy? The question was not so important. At home, an eleven months baby was crying. He was too young to know that mother had left him to deliver another baby. The second baby was unexpected, I guess. With 11 months interval from the first baby, I suspected that the second one was merely an unplanned birth (or shall I call it a sweet surprise for the young couple?). Continue reading