In The Delivery Room

I gave a birth to a million question marks
the ocean sky sent down its rotten stars
midwives on the bedside spinning their heads
sinner, sinner they exchanged roars

to the wall, to the window, to the newborn babe,
the flame of veracity licked its own greenish smoke

the white-pearl milk as pure as my breast
dissolute my redden tears and sweat
no cradle, no lullabies, but hasty beat
no green home, no blue room, but a yellow cold miserable crest

drink my pain, drink me, drink me
you the seed i planted with dare
from the sweetest sin you grew
my apology to name you: an uninvited creature

holy hands will raise you, tomorrow they come
in this box i leave you a gloomy fairy tale:
you were born from a bamboo tree

Tokyo Sept 27/21:51 pm

*a note for underage mothers who leave their unwanted babies into “baby deposit box” in Japanese hospitals.