Autumn Poetry Reading Class –Unfinished Project

Fawwaz calls this month, “bulan bahasa” as his school is conducting language and literary competitions today, while in our house, there are at least 3 homeworks of poetry reading and literary works on his list.

He did a good kick-off  last week:

jalanjalan naik taksi

mandimandi di sungai

makanmakan di kentucky

–you master bahasa ibu, son!  let’s check your early version in bahasa three years ago:

Di kebun binatang

aku melihat beruang

beruang melihat aku

aku tidak takut

beruang mungkin takut

*Ueno Zoo, Tokyo 2005

hmmmm… you played with the limited  vocabularies 🙂

This weekend you threw another piece:


Dear autumn,

brush your teeth and shower

welcoming your sister:



I love snow,

go, slow, blow, glow, go

So, my dear son..good luck with your “lomba bulan bahasa” today. Enjoy the competition. No matter the result would be, you are the winner in my heart.