For Fawwaz, A Letter From Hiroshima

Dear Fawwaz,

How is the camping? Have you successfully climbed on Mount Fuji, today? Have you managed to cook your own meals? Have you managed to fold your sleeping bag neatly? Have you put the mosquito repellent onto your skin before deciding to stay outdoor all night long?

Look up! The night sky above you is me and the countless stars are my countless questions. The anxious summer is me, the never ending songs of cicadas on trees and grass are, again, my questions: all about you staying out for 5 days, far away from me.

“I am a big boy, don`t you worry, Mother!” you told me.

But how could I ease my anxieties? You are the youngest participant in the International Youth Camp to Mount Fuji, this year!

In Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, I was sitting alone and bringing out your question: “Why did the US decide to bomb Hiroshima?”

A question you raised when we were studying about the World History two months ago. “What would happen if the US did not drop the bombs? What do you think would happen, Mommy?”

The museum has closed. Unfortunately. I arrived in the park when it was completely dark. Gardeners were there, however, trimming the bush and grasses, watering the gardens, I counted the paper cranes, –the symbol of peace and hope, I put my Anti-Nuclear Weapons badge (I wish you were here and hit the street with me, honey!), and amid all things I have been doing in the city, I am thinking of you, thinking of how excited you are while sleeping under the countless stars.

Tomorrow morning, I will visit the museum again. It opens at 8.15.

I will continue this letter tomorrow. Don`t worry. I have kept your questions in my bag, I have got the Museum Info and all things you want to know about the Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima. Me, your forgetful mother, have been quite well organized, lately…

Hiroshima, August 1 2008/ 23:39 pm

One thought on “For Fawwaz, A Letter From Hiroshima

  1. What a wonderful child that you have. I’m teaching English right now, for children, and always love hear stories about them.Still study dentistry, but still teaching too…….I want to still hear from you about your child.

    Salam Kenal Ka Ly,

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