Ly’s Independent Projects


The First Indonesian citizen journalism Web site launched on July 1, 2006 in Makassar. It aims to promote citizens’ participation as news getters, building collaboration between professional journalists and internet users and contributing in new media model where the readers play an active role as reporters. And we finalised the 5-year project in 2011 as I have decided to work on another project called Rumata’


Rumata Artspace, Makassar

Rumata’ Artspace in Makassar is an independent initiative designed and introduced by Lily Yulianti Farid with Riri Riza in promoting the city of Makassar as an important cultural hub. They’ve been working together to build an arts facility and organization since 2011, focusing on literature, films, new media and contemporary arts.


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  1. Hi, Ly!
    saya kagum dengan tulisan Ly, saya suka dengan web
    bole saya tanya? tdk bole jg tetep saya tanya lah, hehhehehe!
    1. bgm caranya u/ bergabung di
    2. tolong di jawab ya!
    3. kl blm di reply, tlg di reply!

    “nice to know u”

  2. Why is the Panyingkul being repaired so far? I’ve been waiting to read marvelous article but I can’t. Any answer from you?

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